Andy’s Vision

Portland is, first and foremost, a community of people. City government exists to create public good, not to create the best environment for economic development. The public good includes great schools, neighborhood libraries and community spaces, and public services like fixing pot holes, removing snow from streets and sidewalks, and police and fire departments that keep us safe and secure. My vision for Portland is a city that is warm, welcoming, and diverse. A city that focuses on maximizing the well-being of its residents. A city that values the rich, the poor, and the middle class equally. A city that looks to the future while preserving the past. My vision of Portland is a city with a joyful heart.

I met Andy when we were both founding board members of Creative Portland. He had recently finished his Masters in Public Policy from the Muskie School and was clearly committed to bringing both thoughtful policy “wonkiness” and innovative out-of-the-box thinking to strengthen and improve his/our community. I was always impressed with the strength of Andy’s vision for a strong and healthy Portland, and how deeply he had thought about and researched the issues at hand. I have no doubt that he would bring all this and more to the City Council.

Alice Kornhauser, past President of Creative Portland