Public Safety

The health and safety of our community is my foremost priority.  We enjoy all that our great city has to offer largely because of our low crime rates and the quick response of our EMTs, police and firefighters. It will be my top goal as a city councilman to ensure that we have superb public safety resources and to do it in a fiscally responsible way. Continuing to do so will play a significant part in having the type of community that people want to live in, move to, retire to or to start a business in. 


Promoting job creation is paramount to a strong and healthy Encinitas. Far too often the private and public sector seem to be at odds with each other. Instead, we should work together on issues such as taxes, regulations, and the environment so that our small businesses can thrive and expand in our community. 


As a long-time surfer, biker, and runner, I join the rest of the citizens of Encinitas in cherishing our environment. Encinitas has done an excellent job of championing environmentally-friendly policies.  Promoting ways to either secure what we have or improve on it through fiscally responsible technologies and policies will both protect the environment and ensure that we are not wasting tax dollars chasing bad ideas.

Fiscal Responsibility

We should be proud that the City of Encinitas has had balanced budgets for many years. This fiscal prudence is important because our state and national economies ebb and flow.  By planning for the long term and spending the city’s revenue as carefully as we would our own, we can stop wasteful spending, abuse of our citizens’ tax dollars, and plan for unexpected economic downturns. 

Civic Engagement

It is important that Encinitas citizens are involved and very active in civic issues. It is the City Council’s job to ensure transparency of decisions and to engage with all of the various groups and interests in our city, which safeguards that our government works with and for the citizens. 

Land Use

The undeniable fact is that our city and state are in a very bad position in terms of housing. It concerns me greatly that many of our children and grandchildren won’t be able to stay here, or move back after leaving for school or a job because of the high cost of housing. I will work to ensure that we both protect property rights but also deal with our affordable housing crisis, in addition to the protection of the unique cultures of our five communities. 

Small Business

I’ve had the opportunity to work for small, medium and fortune 50 companies. During this time, I have learned that it is the small businesses who often take the largest risks and are also the biggest creators of new jobs. These small businesses -- be it a local florist, mom and pop owned restaurant or a surf shop-- are an important source of employment and economic activity and serve as the foundation of our community.


Phil Graham understands and will protect the individuality of each community in Encinitas.
— Matt and Jacqueline Rimel, owner of Rimel's Rotisserie and Zenbu Sushi Bar in Cardiff since 2009