By voting for Andy Graham, voters and the City will benefit from his 41 years as a parent and resident of District 3, his 34 years running a business in Portland, and his 20-plus years of involvement with non-profit organizations, including Creative Portland, the Capisic Pond Restoration and First Friday Art Walk. Andy’s Masters Degree in Public Policy combined with his thoughtful approach to issues will help support the City in developing informed, thoughtful strategies into the future. Andy is sure to be a unique and valuable voice on the council. I strongly endorse him as the best candidate for the Portland City Council in District Three.

Tom Ainsworth, former President of the Stroudwater Village Association

As a mentor in the cultural community, Andy has been an advisor to me based on his history of significant leadership in our arts landscape. Moreover, I see how he has been asking important questions of broader Portland, and really considering what the future of a more equitable Portland looks like. That’s the kind of person I want representing me in the civic discourse that influences decision making, and I hope we can continue to pioneer a better way of life here because of it.

Kelsey Halliday Johnson, Executive Director, SPACE

For over 30 years Andy Graham has worked with me and others in the community, region, and state to save and improve Capisic Pond and the park. Andy’s leadership was key in making this happen. He has been a leader in promoting Portland as a livable small city, promoting its natural environment while also encouraging support for the arts and small business.

Donna Williams, former Planning Board member and a founder of the Friends of Capisic Pond Park in Portland’s District 3

When I started working for Andy in 1994, it was my first real job where I was given my first real opportunity to help grow a business. Andy created a work environment that stimulated creativity, bred innovation and rewarded knowledge. For the people who worked for Andy, the office became an extended home where freedom of expression and freedom to experiment and fail were highly encouraged. My time spent working for Andy had a significant impact on my career and the progressive values by which I live today.

David Siegel, former employee at Portland Color

I met Andy when we were both founding board members of Creative Portland. He had recently finished his Masters in Public Policy from the Muskie School and was clearly committed to bringing both thoughtful policy “wonkiness” and innovative out-of-the-box thinking to strengthen and improve his/our community. I was always impressed with the strength of Andy’s vision for a strong and healthy Portland, and how deeply he had thought about and researched the issues at hand. I have no doubt that he would bring all this and more to the City Council.

Alice Kornhauser, past President of Creative Portland