My positions

Fight for better snow removal services

Fix and maintain roads, parks, and sidewalks

Work to solve the affordable housing crisis

Advocate for the use of public resources so they benefit the community, not investors

Make sound environmental choices focused on sustainability and resiliency in uncertain times

Prioritize high-quality public education

Fight for Portland’s growing prosperity to be shared with workers, residents, and taxpayers

Be a voice for ordinary people at City Hall

As a mentor in the cultural community, Andy has been an advisor to me based on his history of significant leadership in our arts landscape. Moreover, I see how he has been asking important questions of broader Portland, and really considering what the future of a more equitable Portland looks like. That’s the kind of person I want representing me in the civic discourse that influences decision making, and I hope we can continue to pioneer a better way of life here because of it.

Kelsey Halliday Johnson, Executive Director, SPACE