Why I am running

I’m tired of talking about what’s wrong in Portland. I want to address the problems I see. My mom was the assistant director of the original Project Headstart program in Newark New Jersey. She taught me the value of community service.

I led the effort to reclaim Capisic Pond. I convinced the city to allow Food Trucks. As the founding President of Creative Portland I expanded the First Friday Art Walk.

As a City Councilor I want to find solutions for both our District problems and the city’s systemic ones.

When I started working for Andy in 1994, it was my first real job where I was given my first real opportunity to help grow a business. Andy created a work environment that stimulated creativity, bred innovation and rewarded knowledge. For the people who worked for Andy, the office became an extended home where freedom of expression and freedom to experiment and fail were highly encouraged. My time spent working for Andy had a significant impact on my career and the progressive values by which I live today.

David Siegel, former employee at Portland Color